Command line interface

Soopervisor has two commands, add and export.

soopervisor add

Adds a new target environment:

soopervisor add {name} --backend {backend}

Where {backend} is one of aws-batch, aws-lambda, argo-workflows, or airflow.

soopervisor export

Exports an existing target environment:

soopervisor export {name}

Where {name} is previously added target environment.

--mode {mode}

Allows you to export the pipeline in several ways:

  • incremental (default) only export tasks whose source has changed

  • regular all tasks are exported, status (execute/skip) determined at runtime

  • force all tasks are exported and executed regardless of status


soopervisor export {name} --mode force


Soopervisor tests the pipeline before submitting, use this flag to skip testing.


soopervisor export {name} --skip-tests